Sik hm-trp 500mw radio (915mhz)

I have one of these:
I haven’t opened it up, but assume there is a PA to bump the rf output from 100 to 500mw.
And it functions fine - but for the life of me I can’t ramp it up to 500mw (27db), as it won’t accept the AT command for anything higher than 20db (100mw).
Is this a safety feature coded in to the firmware?

If you are using Mission Planner to program, 20 is max power by divided levels.
While not connected, click load settings in Sik Radio
Change / verify Tx power is at 20 on both.
Click copy required to remote - DONE!

The module is rated for 500mw so 20 will put out 500mw
A module rated for 200mw - 20 will put out 200mw
Same for a 100mw module

You are not going to get that Tx power to accept a value of 27 - not designed that way.

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Laughing at myself. The RF module only goes to 100mw, so 20db in the settings should be 27db in the unit.