Signal is Cut off

I’m using Jumper T18 controller and R8 receiver(2.4GHz)
When the distance from the gas is about 20M, the signal is cut off.
Is there a way to solve this?
I have no idea what the problem is

I’ve used an R8 receiver in a quad to 700 or 800m. That would have been at less than 30m alt. In a wing I’ve been over 1200m, but more likely pushing 100m alt. In both cases using a TX16s and under pretty ideal conditions.

If I remember correctly the T18 has an internal antenna or something else odd for the 2.4GHz transmitter. You may need to modify your radio for a better external antenna (If I’m correct about the internal one.) In any case, I would make sure the antennas are clear of obstructions, particularly carbon fiber and batteries. I place all my antennas vertically when I’m trying to get good range with them.

Is there any possibility that it is a problem with the R8 receiver?

Yes, of course. But I’d check some easy stuff before you go spending money on a new one.

Can you recommend a receiver that uses 2.4Ghz reception signals?
Recommend a model for FRSKY

It seems all the receivers I liked have all gone out of production. Radiomaster R161, and Jumper R8 have been my go-to for the last couple of years but they’re hard to find now. I don’t use any FrSky branded receivers so I can’t make any recommendations there.

Then, do you have any other products you can recommend?

Frsky R-XSR and flash it with the ACCST firmware upon receipt. I think I have one model still flying on one of these with my Radiomaster Tx. Or drink the cool-aid and buy an ELRS Tx module and a Rx.

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I’m trying to use Frsky RX8R pro.
Is there a difference with the Jumper R8?

Have you looked at ELRS? Its not cool-aid and is probably the cheapest full feature long distance RC that has a very active development behind it plus there is talk of some sort of mavlink integration in the future.

Could it be a problem with the controller firmware?

I doubt it. Sbus is sbus. There are no settings I know of that would impact it.