Si1000 Radio and Protocol

I was so inspired by many telemetry developers here, so I decided to start with a 3DS 915MHz radio set kit. Both of the ground and remote radio sets use modules with Si1000 transceivers. The ground set has a Silab CP2102 USB IC. There is no paper or any documentaion come with the kit. I searched around and realized that most of the folks here use Ardupilot which when connected, Ardupilot will automatically do handshaking with the ground station and exchange data after that. However, I do not use any Ardupilot, and I want to create my own mobile station. Therefore, I need your help to understand the communication protocol between the ground and remote radios.

I would assume that these ground and remote radios had loaded with some set of firmware because when I plugged the ground radio to my USB port it has a green LED.

Here is a list of my mind, but if you guys know more, please input

  1. What is the Com port setup (Baud rate, Flow control, Data bit, Parity, and Stop bit)
  2. What is the Handshake protocol (transmit from the ground station and reply from the remote one)
  3. What are Read/Write command and reply protocols after handshaking

Thank you very much.

Si1000 radios are providing transparent serial communication. No need for handshaking.
If you dont transfer mavlink then you can switch of Mavlink option which sync the packetisation with mavlink frames.

Normally the speed is 8n1 57600. Radio parameters can be set via a standard AT command set.
You find detailed info here.

Great. Thank you very much for your information.

I’ve got the ground station entering the AT command mode successfully.

I like them so far. :slight_smile: