Shutting off specific motors during flight?

Hello, I have recently made a VTOL plane that has 3 tilting motors and they all tilt forward during flight. The front two motors will have folding propellers so they can shut off and allow the back motor to propel the plane most efficiently. In order to do this, I need to have a way to control the motors so that when I am in fbwA or manual mode, I can shut off the front two motors, motors 1 and 2. I would like to know if this is possible and if so, how to do it?

thank you for your time and help,
Frank Lucci

I recall the dev’s saying that this was a flight mode that they wanted to add but as of a year ago (maybe longer) I’ve not seen it. I wanted it too because one motor swinging a larger prop is more power efficient than two swinging smaller props.

I’m not sure how you will account for a folded prop that gets spun up in the air as it seems to be a high likelyhood that they will impact your airframe, perhaps a diagram??

How about a horizontal / vertical sensor, which automatically turns on/of the front motors ?

We have a example Lua script for this.

Instructions here:

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Thank you guys for the information, this is a tricopter vtol will 3 tilting motors when the front two shut off during forward flight they will gradually decrease in speed and the propellers will eventually fold kind of like the ones you see on a glider. I plan on just makeing it a switch for now so it gets up to speed in forward flight and then i flip a switch deactivating the front two motors leaving the backone to propellel