Shp file to POI

Hi guys

Is it possible to import a SHP file to point of interest on mission planner with the reference number ?

Or is it possible to save and load a POI file ?



Ok, I found a way, I just exported a KML file from Qgis, once opened in mission planner you will have all your point of interest with descriptions and coordinates :wink:

But now I have no idea how to delete all POI at once, I have 60 on screen and it’s a nightmare lol

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Hi again,

Sorry to ask this question again, but how do I delete all POI with a simple command.

I use 50 to 100 POI per flight, and they keep coming back at each mission planner start, deleting them one by one is taking me 5 times longer than the actual flight



Found it :wink:

All the POI’s are stored in the poi.txt file located in the root folder where your logs are stored


Thank´s for share your discover, I didn´t have idea that it´s possible.