Show us your orthomosaics

As the title stats lets see what you have got! Also maybe post a little about your setup and what you use.

My setup is photoscan with the firefly 6s running on a flying wing and hexcopter.

This one I did a few weeks ago of a development around my house.

This is a paper mill

how do you find the firefly 6s?

For the price of the camera its does really well. Low light on the camera is not all that great and the fisheye is a pain. I have ordered a new lens that should remove any distortion so we will see how that goes. Considering that gopro is 3 times the price of this camera I would have to say I dont think its 3 times better. If you have good light then you get really nice images but it tanks in low light conditions.

This was a mid day flight.

Late evening image and still very good.

Low light conditions.