Should i fix the lidar or mount on a gimbal?

Hi there. I hope you are all doing well. Started assembly of the boat. I have mounted the 2 axis servo gimbal successfully (roll and pitch). Should the tf mini lidar be fixed or mounted under the camera?

Also if i use a dome for the camera would that hinder lidar’s work?

I am both exited and stressed.


Hardware(for future reference)
Pix hawk 2.4.8
2x 12V brushed dc’s
Differential thrust
12v 5A SLA battery
6.4V 4.5A sla(companion pc)
Dc dc converter
Odroid xu4
Flying fish Double Horse rc boat hull(92cm)
Generic power module.
Turingy 9x receiver
2 brushed high output esc’s
Gps compass
Buzzer and safety switch
Telemetry (433mhz)
3G modem (Huawei)
Tf mini lidar

What is the lidar for on a boat?

Avoidance of Object collusion purposes.

I was formerly advised to use a lidar instead of sonar sensors

Ok. Hard mount it, as angular correction is done internally. On a boat that might not be optimum, but if you gimbal the sensor it will introduce errors. I’d suggest raising an issue in GitHub, as this is something that perhaps should be user selected rather than hardcoded.

Thanks. I’ll fix it then.

Gimbal will only carry the camera