Short transmission range on Herelink


With the Herelink system I am able to get only 3-4km of telemetry and video before there is connection loss. I was flying the copter at 100 and 120m with not much obstacles between the ground station and copter. Tried different orientations of the antennas but with not much difference. Any suggestions on what can be done to increase the range. Has anyone got 10+km range using Herelink?


That is about the range we can get in Canadian Rural environment where we are exposed to relatively low amount of residual noise in the WIFI frequency range. To make sure You have maximum range, make sure you reduce the other sources of 2,4 Ghz like Cell Phone, Computers and if possible make a reading with Spektrum Analyser.

I guess the 15 Km figures can be attained while testing very far in the Australian Outback :wink:

Well, then it must be the same with other communication systems in the market that claim 20-30km. On another copter,
I have tried the same with RFD868 for telemetry and did not get more that 6km. With this I experimented with different Air Speed values in the Radio settings, there was not much change in the range either. What is the range you got with RFD systems?


About 7-10 KM and we used Yagi antennas on Base Station (900 Mhz in America).
Most of test were performed over Corn Fields that acts like sponge for the RF signal, we installed the antennas on a tripod mounted on a RV giving about 4 Meter above ground to help clearing the fresnel zone.