Ship landing support for ArduCopter?

@rmackay9 @tridge

Is there is any plan for Ship landing algorithm for Arducopter?

If I remember well, I have already saw a video of this kind of stuff anytime… tried to search on arducopter user guide about moving base feature (or something like this)?

I think those videos you saying about is related yo Arduplane and VTOL plans landing…i think not yet implemented in arducopter.


@rmackay9 can tell you if there is anything about it being implemented. Could you help this guy please?

Ok, so I saw something along this line when I was doing a firmware upgrade to my Here3 units.

“1.40 version firmware introduced a new feature called the mobile base station, that is, the base station need not be fixed in a location. For example, a base station may be placed on a moving vehicle or boat. Upgrading to Ublox-1.40 version is similar to upgrading to 1.30. For users who do not need to use the mobile baseline feature, upgrading to version 1.30 is sufficient.”

I haven’t tested as yet but it’s something I want to implement in future so I will keep you in the loop and I will update if you could do the same I’d appreciate

So long as there is a common, corrected coordinate reference for both vehicles, I can envision a Lua scripted solution for Copter that wouldn’t be very tough to implement.

Leonard Hall has added Ship Landing to the roadmap (see the “Copter” column here) and I’ve seen SITL demonstrations of it working but it hasn’t been merged to master yet. I’m sure it will be eventually but I can’t promise when.


Nice, thanks @rmackay9!

This feature is related to having a RTK base with no fixed position, it allows users to move the RTK Base during operation. What I understood is that @kalai1219 needs a moving home to land his vehicle.