Sharp Pitch Back when switching into Loiter

Almost every time I fly, I go from Stabilize to AltHold to Loiter. When I switch into Loiter, I get a very sharp pitch back for a second, almost every time. This occurs whether I go straight to Loiter or from AltHold to it.

It seems like I’ve read of this happening to others but can’t find where this may have been reported before.

I’m flying Pixhawk 3.1.2 on a Discovery Pro with Taranis and EzUHF.

Do you mean back in the opposite direction of travel or the back of the craft? Back in the opposite direction of travel is intended behavior.

If you mean back of the craft, please post logs.

Same for me, switching to loiter seems like the quad is pulling the handbrake for stopping as fast as possible.
Pixhawk with latest firmware

Thanks for the feedback.
The snap I’m talking about occurs when I am not moving.
I will post logs soon.

Same here, when switching from Stab into Alt Hold or Loiter, I get a massive swing (just like putting on the brakes lol).

I’ll check videos to make sure if I was moving at all (that would make sense, loiter would tell the copter to stop right?).

However I’m pretty sure it happens even when just toggling between Stab and Loiter etc.

Will dig.