Sharing the 3DR telemetry Ground Station Mavlink data with the Taranis

Would it be possible to steal Mavlink data from the Ground Station 3DR radio or from the bluetooth module directly or over Bluetooth and pump it into a Taranis JR module bay as telemetry data?
Or some other unique workaround.
I want to use an L9R " Non-elemetry receiver in place of the X8R but I want the usual audible warnings and possibly a LUA navigation screen when I don’t have a laptop.
I have borrowed it from an APM controller by sharing it with the OSD module. So I’m thinking it might be able to be shared from the ground radio or ground Bluetooth streams?

Hi, I did it with the TTL-to-RS232 cable
I got it in this URL
connected in port SERIAL 4/5 to the SMARTPORT port of the X8R some parameters for that port and I receive the telemetry in my taranis