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Share live stream and control drone with multi GCS simultaneously ( one drone - multi GCS)


We are developing a function to share the stream video and controller drone with multi Ground control station simultaneously (2-3 or more GCS) via internet ( wifi, 4G LTE).

For example: Have 2 GCS control drone same time (A and B)

  • A:the pilot can control and monitor drone directly via Mission Planner at the test location.
  • B: the supervisor will sit at the office and monitor the operation of the Drone via QCS software. If they feel wrong they can intervene and make sure everything is safe.

We think sharing the stream of video and control drone to mulitiple GCS is essential for training, testing, delivery and surveying…

But in fact, we still don’t know who exciting about this and who can test this function with me.

If you are interested, please comment or contact me:

Thank you!

(Michael Oborne) #2

i have a video on youtube showing how to setup and external viewer

please have a look at this

this is for control. the video is another issue


Thank you, I followed your tutorial video to do it, Ctrl + F and explore a lot of amazing functions, Mavlink mirror is a great function with 2 options ReadOnly and WriteAccess :star_struck: