Share live stream and control drone with multi GCS simultaneously ( one drone - multi GCS)

We are developing a function to share the stream video and controller drone with multi Ground control station simultaneously (2-3 or more GCS) via internet ( wifi, 4G LTE).

For example: Have 2 GCS control drone same time (A and B)

  • A:the pilot can control and monitor drone directly via Mission Planner at the test location.
  • B: the supervisor will sit at the office and monitor the operation of the Drone via QCS software. If they feel wrong they can intervene and make sure everything is safe.

We think sharing the stream of video and control drone to mulitiple GCS is essential for training, testing, delivery and surveying…

But in fact, we still don’t know who exciting about this and who can test this function with me.

If you are interested, please comment or contact me:

Thank you!

i have a video on youtube showing how to setup and external viewer

please have a look at this

this is for control. the video is another issue

Thank you, I followed your tutorial video to do it, Ctrl + F and explore a lot of amazing functions, Mavlink mirror is a great function with 2 options ReadOnly and WriteAccess :star_struck:

Hello, I am interested to test your system. How do you identify each GCS? Can we modify display of the GCS? for example GCS1 for operator, GCS2 for Supervisor, GCS3 for public, ect. Tks

Hi Tony, Thank your for your interesting, this is my answers for your questions

  1. How do you identify each GCS?
    UAV transfer data to a main GCS, and partner/customer PC/mobile device can connect and get data from main GCS via VPN connection.
  2. Can we modify display of the GCS?
    Yes, we can modiffy display of GCS for you, but with this demo version, remote viewers have full access.
    Hope you can test with me.

Hi Trinh,
Please tell me how is the procedure to do this test. I have to start from beginning, because I have not set up my RPi3B yet. Could you please give me the tutorial how to setup the RPi3 ?
Thank you

Glad you can test with us
We will support you to setup hardware and software for test:
All tutorial on my website and step by step:
or use can buy my Kit for easy setup. it’s Plug and Play

You can aslo contact me via facebook, skype or email for quickly support.
Skype: XB UAV

If you have any question, we are happy to answer!

Have a nice day!

Thank you for your quick response.I have some questions as here below:

  1. Why do you use Raspi zero instead of Raspi 3B which is more popular and widely used?? Is it better than Raspi 3B ??
  2. No price yet for option 1, 2 and 3. Could you pls. Give me the price ?
  3. It is free only for 3 month, how about after 3 month? How much? What is this fee for? Please clarify.
  4. Is the Vpn a must or optional?

Currently, I’m using Rasp Pi 3B/3B+ with more effective (my website is using RaspPi Zero and I will upgrate website to RaspPi 3B/3B+/4), VPN is just an optional for who want to build their own server, more privacy. Please give me your email, I’m going to write an email to you to answer more detail about your questions

Here is my email :

Hi Tony,

I have send email to you!

Thank you!

Yes, you can. More info: