Setup VL53L1 on Rover

Can somebody advise the way to install forward VL53L1 sensor on Rover?
I have message LIDAR Error is sensor has no objects visible. Meanwhile it stays healthy if it can see ground a bit. Sensor has big FOV and sees the ground before it if I direct it horizontally. What is the correct direction of sensor? Should it see ground if directed forward? What can be reason for error message in case of visible objects absence?

Hi @Sergey-Afonin,

Normally a lidar should not report an error just because there is nothing within range. The VL53L1X lidar is not very popular (maybe because of its short range) so it is always possible we have a bug in the driver but I’m not sure.

Do you have an onboard log I could look at showing when the lidar sees something and also when it doesn’t?

I’ve had a quick look at this lidar’s driver and I don’t immediately see a problem but there could be a bug.

Hi, I did test outdoor and found this lidar absolutely useless. It reports obstacle looking forward and it is fully blended if looks even a bit up. I replaced it to MB1242-000 MAXBOTIX and became happy. BTW, how and where can I see the log that you mentioned? I am newbie in Ardu.

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Replacing the lidar is a good move I think.

Here’s the wiki page re onboard logging.