Setup for RunCam Thumb Pro Record Trigger

I am trying to trigger video recording of my RunCam Thumb Pro on a Matek H743 Wing V2 flight controller flashed with Plane 4.4. Most of the time when the board boots, I get the message “Pre Arm - Camera Not Ready.” About every 1 of 20 bootups, I will get a Camera Ready message, but when I toggle the RC switch, it immediately goes back to Camera Not Ready and the recording does not start. I have Power and ground connected to 4v5 and Ground pins. I have Tx/Rx connected and reversed to Rx4/Tx4, which map to Serial6 in ArduPlane. My transmitter switch is mapped to channel 10. When I toggle my RC switch I can see the message RunCam Control High. Here is how I have ArduPlane configured:

SERIAL6_PROTOCOL = 26 (RunCam Protocol)
SERIAL6_BAUD = 115 (115200)
CAM_RC_TYPE = 4 (RunCam Hybrid / RunCam Thumb Pro)
RC10_Option = 78 (RunCam Control)

Do I have this configured properly? Thanks for any help.

Is the camera polling during boot occasionally giving up before the camera is ready after powering up?
Apparently you can define the length of delay before polling stops.

It is now working with the addition of CAM_RC_FEATURES=192 (Start Recording / Stop Recording)

I am also using SERIAL6_BAUD = 230 although I don’t think that matters.