Setting up the TX1

I’ve got a J120 board from Jurgen at Auvidea.ea and a TX1 board. The J120 board seems to work pretty much as advertised. It’s small enough to fit on a medium sized quadcopter (won’t fit on a small IRIS) and it comes with the various cables needed to connect it fairly easily to a Pixhawk.

The first step I’m attempting is get the board up and running with MAVProxy (works!), OpenCV, Python, Dronekit. Sadly the software that comes with the TX1 doesn’t support WebCam + OpenCV + Python. Apparently using a non USB camera or using C++ instead of python works.

I’m also attempting to setup the board to act as a wifi access point so that we can connect a GCS to it easily using Wifi but sadly that’s not going well yet.

Yet another challenge is that I’m not yet sure how to save/restore images. With an RPI it’s quite easy to make images to share with your friends but so far I have not figured out how to do that with a TX1.

Hi rmackay9,
Do TX1 and J120 support USB camera + opencv + python now? I want to buy a jetson TX1 to control the pixhawk, But I am not sure if I can use the TX1 and J120 to work as Odroid or raspberry pi. I mean I want use tx1 and my laptop connect to the same wifi, tx1 connnectes to the pixhawk through J120 board, And then I use ssh to connect my laptop with tx1 to program code and control the pixhawk. My code will need USB camera + opencv + python, So can you tell me if I can do this with tx1 and J120?

reading up on this board (the J120 and
If it’s a ‘carrier’ why do they have all the gyros and accles… its a flight controller base! not a simple interface like the page describes

Mt Odroid costs 1/2 what this carrier board costs. sure it’s not a screamer doing vid like a TX1 but why are these carrier boards all designed with added sensors and not just interfaces for I/O?