Setting up Tarot Landing Gear and Servo Drop mechanism

Greeting Everyone

I am new here and would like your help to configure my cube orange (AC 4.3.4) to use the tarot landing gear and servo drop mechanism

My setup: I have the Tarot retracts and tarot payload drop mechanism, My TX is a Radiomaster TX16S and RX is X8R.

Here is the scenario.

  1. I want the drone to takeoff and retract the landing gear at an altitude of 7m and deploy them at and altitude of 10m while landing. I want this to happen autonomously while the drone is either in loiter mode or auto mode. Also I want the ability to have a manual override via a switch.

The retracts are gonna be connected to AUX 1 port, I am providing a 5v 3A supply via a ubec to the servo rail (AUX8)

  1. with the drop mechanism (AUX2) I want it to drop autonomously when it has reached the target way point and also I want the ability for manual override via a switch.

I look forward to your input

Thanks !