Setting up skid steer with uavcan esc

I have a problem with properly setup skid steering with uavcan. I can’t find a way to make motors spin backward. It is important for example when the rover turning in place but pixhawk sends only positive values to the escs. Does anyone have an idea how to set it up?

Configure the ESC’s for Forward/Reverse so 1500 is neutral.

When you use the uavcan the pixhawk translates normal output (1000-2000) to uavcan standard and I can’t change anything on the escs and I can’t map the 1k-1.5k values to reverse and 1.5k-2k to forward.

Then how will they ever go in reverse? It’s a function of the ESC configuration for this mode.

If you want to go in reverse you have to send the negative value to the esc through uavcan.

I agree with @dkemxr that it is really an ESC configuration issue but I’ll check with some of the other developers to be sure. I’ve only used ToshibaCAN and KDECAN ESCs and only with Copters that don’t require reversing in most cases.

OK, I’ve found that AP doesn’t support reversing UAVCAN ESCs so I’ve added an issue I can’t promise when support will be added but I’m pretty sure it will be done eventually… but probably not in time for Rover-4.1.0’s stable release so it will be at least a few months from now.

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I have a PR that works… but needs clean up


@rmackay9 Never the less thank you for the added issue. I have Vesc like @jmachuca so his solution would be perfect for me :). I can’t wait to see it in the official release.


Sorry to bump this post but I managed to get UAVCAN VESC-pixhawk4mini responding after about 8hours of fiddling only to find that the wheels won’t reverse. I am too scared to edit and build from source.
Any chance that there will be a workaround any time soon?

Do you know if anymore work was done on this? Got everything working using VESC only to find no reverse.