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Setting up rpi 3 for pixhawk/F405 wing

hi guys hope you all well . please i need some assistance

i have the rpi3 loaded with raspian lite .im following the steps on the document tutorial
when i get to this and i enter it
‘‘sudo apt-get install python3-dev python3-opencv python3-wxgtk3.0 libxml2-dev python3-pip python3-matplotlib python3-lxml’’

the results comeback with errors
what could be the issues ?

does anyone have a video or documents of a better tutorial i can follow

my aim is to have a 4g lte companion computer for my fc for long range flight test

thank you for taking the time out to assist me hoping togather we able to achieve a succesful install and be flying soon

The pixhawk/drone features that you are looking for comes on the optimized and pre-installed on a Maverick OS image that you can just copy to your SD card.

Ardupilot Intro
OS image
Some features

Which lte device do you plan on using? If you don’t already have one these guys are recommended. Just $95 and it lte device + BEC for your RPi

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