Setting up RC PassThru

I’m trying to control a payload using a simple PWM signal. I am using Channel 11 (RC11). I have set RC11_FUNCTION to 1 for RCPassThru and CH11_OPT is 0 for Do Nothing.

I am able to get PWM through the RC11 connection on the Pixhawk, but it does not map directly to what is sent by the transmitter. The table below shows what the Pixhawk is outputting vs. what is sent by the transmitter.

Tx / Output from Pixhawk
1094 / 1100
1514 / 1520
1934 / 1940

How do I get the Pixhawk to output exactly what the transmitter is sending?


My oscilloscope wasn’t zoomed in enough so it was rounding a bit. Seems to be working now.

I also discovered that I can set RC11_FUNCTION to 61 for RCIN11, I suppose that is functionally identical?