Setting up Quadplane, problem with swapping parameters from an earlier similar build

Hi. i have a problem with uploading parameters into my quadplane from earlier autopilot. My drone is a foxtech LOONG vtol, and i put in a new autopilot and uploaded plane firmware into it. then i tried uploading parameters to it from the earlier autopilot, which had firmware from foxtech in it (if i understood correctly, it is some sort of customized by them), and it said 300+ parameters missing, and gave me a list of missing parameters, including tons of Q_ parameters, and i put Q_ENABLE to 1, now it is missing less parameters, but i can´t figure out how to get it to ´´find´´ these parameters, neither do i know if i really need them. i will include a screencap of the missing parameters list if someone here would be willing to lend me a hand on this.

After setting ENABLE parameters to 1 you will need to refresh the FC. There may be more than just Q_ENABLE that needs to be triggered.

I just looked up CAM_RC… and it’s not in 4.0.9. It is in so you may need to switch to get everything.

I had refreshed the autopilot already after enabling q-parameters, these on this list were missing. i googled them a bit too, and decided to proceed without them, and at least for now my plane behaves well.

I don’t have any personal experience with this but it seems to me I read somewhere that due to the customization that Foxtech does, you’ll need to use their specific firmware version. I would suggest you contact them for guidance.

Good luck.