Setting up Pitch in mission Planner

Pixhawk with D8R RX, and Taranis 450 Heli

Now I’m trying to setup the PITCH:- I found this,
Change the collective pitch on your radio to move the swash to it’s upper and lower limits. If you accidentally move the swash too far so the servos bind, manually set the Top and Bottom of the range in the field provided.

When I alter the servo’s top, bottom, and mid range, Also tried altering in the Parameters it makes no difference to the servo movement. As far as I can see this is the way to set the PITCH.

What am I doing wrong


Have you looked at this setup video from Rob Lefebvre?

Thanks FRED, That is just what I was looking for. My only problem now is ELV & ROLL sticks are the wrong way round.
the swash is going up and OK with all three servo’s

Check your AHRS settings to make sure that the transmitter transmitter channel reversal is correct and then make sure your three swashplate servos are correct on the total pitch control and if not, set the three swashplate rudders Machine to achieve the total distance from the control of the same, and then check the rolling and pitching movement is correct!