Setting up Packet Signing with MAVLink2 and MAVProxy forwarding to QGroundcontrol


I have set up MAVProxy on a public IP Virtual Private Server (VPS) connected to an Arduplane MAV (over cellular internet) and forwarding the connection, in my case calling in from QGroundcontrol with the following command: --master=udp: --out=udpin: --daemon

This works dandilly, but is of course vulnarable to anyone trying to connect with the right IP and Port, so I would like to set up Packet Signing. I have read the module manual page:

  1. I can not conclude from the manual if this module can handle the signing all the way to the third party GCS. Can it?
  2. I would much appreciate some help setting this up. Any tips, pointers or tutorials would be great!

FYI: QGroundControl supports mavlink 2. But it does not yet support signing.

Ah, thanks, wasn’t clear on that. I’ll try deciding who can connect to my MAVProxyserver with iptables for now.
Keep up the good work then!

Possible that is will get done in the 3.4 release.

That would be awesome!