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Setting up Mission Planner with APM 2.8


I’m working on a project where I have to (allegedly) fly a multicopter using Mission Planner.
What I have to do is first set up a path for the drone to scan some area, and pin point a target location seen on camera. Flying it back to home position to charge it with some equipment and setting up a new path to reach the target, while at this time of flying, there are some calculations (while reading some data from the autopilot and GPS) using a Raspberry Pi on the drone in order to know the right moment to release an object on the target (just activating a servo motor).
My quesion here is, how do I connect the Mission Planner to the autopilot? I must note that I can only work with 2.4GHz frequency in my country so I can’t use those 433/915MHz telemetry modules and nor can I find ones of 2.4GHz.
Also, what other hardware do I need for this project? (except what I already have - APM 2.8, RPi4, M8N GPS module and a servo motor.)

I’m new to all of this and would really appreciate any help.

  • By “allegedly” I mean that I don’t really have to fly the drone eventually, just create the system with all the connections needed and writing the codes.

First get rid of the APM 2.8. It’s long obsolete. It would be a mistake to start a project like this with that old dog. After you do that you could use an ESP8266 WiFi radio if your range requirement is relatively short.

Hi Dave,
As I said, I don’t have to fly the drone eventually, just making the needed connections and writing the relevant codes. Moreover, my budget is small and I have my deadline due to the end of July. I’m trying to make it as simple as I can, while not emptying my pockets on the way.
Bottom line, I guess the APM would make good enough. So any solutions using it would be blessed.

I use apm 2.8 and it works fine for me! Yes, there are important fixes in New versions but for most people its fine. What’s exactly your issue?

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