Setting up elevon plane in Arduplane 3.2.2

The latest version of Arduplane supporting APM V2.5 is v3.2.2. However, there is no SERVOn_function param in this version of Arduplane as in V3.8 and later.

In Arduplane v3.8 and later, servo1 and servo2 are set to 77 and 78 for left and right elevon.

How do I do this in v3.2.2 ?
Thank you for your help.

@wcfung1 ELEVON_MIXING and ELEVON_OUTPUT are the respective parameters you’re looking for, where _OUTPUT is the software mixer using standard aileron and elevator input to generate an elevon output. this is most likely what you want to use on APM2.

check for reference

btw: you are aware that there’s a search function in MP’s full parameter list…?