Setting up elavator in hand lauch

Hello my friends is there a parameter I can set to have say some up elevator in auto hand launch many thank’s

the auto takeoff nav command sets a default pitch angle demand of 15°. it depends on the airframe’s powertrain layout if this can be achieved during takeoff. if your airframe can’t do 15° pitch on full throttle, adding up elevator will not help.
in case you have sufficient power you might want to demand a higher pitch angle for takeoff. LIM_PITCH_MAX and _MIN set the range of angles that can be demanded and can be overridden by TECS_PITCH_MAX and _MIN if set to a value other than 0. TECS_PITCH_MAX defaults to 15 iirc.
for reference.

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thank you for this of great help

The key takeaway I found with setting up autolaunch is that the climb angle is set in the mission plan not a parameter. In the version of mission planner I initially used, the column headers were all blank for the NAV_TAKEOFF command but I clicked through and they would update, one of which was climb angle. I got a notification that mission planner had an update available but I haven’t check to see if this “hiding column labels” behavior still exists

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