Setting up a WiFi router

Hello everyone.

I need information on how to connect pixhawk via a WiFi router to my laptop to extend the range a bit and need to know if there is a step by step guide or if any one would be able to help me through the steps here.

Thank you for reading

It would be easier with a bluetooth/serial board which on one end connects to the UART/Serial telemetry port of Pixhawk and on the other end connects via bluetooth to your PC running your ground station.
These bluetooth boards are dirty cheap at hobbyking :

If you really want Wifi and not bluetooth, you could get yourself a ESP8266 module and flash it with a firmware that makes it a Wifi/Serial transparent bridge.

This system transmits telemetry pixhawk for 5G wireless and video fpv 1080 with raspberry pi zero or pi2.

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If Only I could understand Spanish :slight_smile:

I did a little tutorial in English.
My English is a bit bad, but I will do what I can.