Setting up a rover without a transmitter plus advice on a controller for rover

Probably yes, But is it possible to setup a rover without the need of a transmitter.

The reason I ask is we want to build a test rover platform to do measurements on a farmland autonomous.
So there is no need for a manual mode.
It basicly has to run a mission autonomous setup in mission planner and perform a certain action at given points.

I have a Kakute F4 V2 lying around and thought it was a good idea to use that for the test rover. But it’s a bit of pain to setup and I fear I will run into problems later.
What other boards/options are great for an autonomous rover on a budget?

It is possible to setup a vehicle without a transmitter but for safety’s sake it’s best to have a transmitter. It’s also very useful when it comes time to tune the vehicle.

The list of supported boards is here on the wiki.

Hi, i would also like know recommendations on a budget controller…
(i have seen the list…)
Looking to build a rover, was looking at those 2 frames:

I’ve used a Kakute F4 V2 with a Pololu Romi with good results. See ArduRover with the Pololu Romi

Yes true I did not plan on not using a transmitter, it’s just that I had to use my reciever in a tricopter.
I planned on using a uhf system and have a transmitter for it lying around, but the kakute f4 v2 does not seem to support ppm.

If I can at least test the motor output without having a transmitter connected then I can at least continue this project

I stephen,

yes I saw your project, that was at least proof for me that I could try to get my Kakute v2 to work in ardurover :slight_smile: