Setting up a minimOSD for pixhawk wrong screen setup?


I’m struggling with setting up my minimOSD for pixhawk after following this youtube tutorial when I connect the OSD to the camera transmitter and camera what I see in the screen (OSD wise) isn’t being displayed according to what I’ve setup in screen 1 of the OSD software (yes I did confirm it wrote to the OSD EEPROM)

What could be wrong?

Thanks for helping.

Some of the cards do not like the new versions of the software I use a old version when having probs.

The minim and MavLink OSDs are real picky about voltage to the overlay chip. Most likely you don’t have power to both “sides” of he circuit.

The serial input side is powered by +5 volts. Unless you have done the +5 volt mod The analog output side (where the video in and out pins are) is powered by +12 volts.

Additionally, its a real good idea to power the OSD from a separate +5 volt BEC. This will take some load off of the BEC in the battery monitor and will tend to reduce OSD dropouts.

And while we are on the subject, you may want to look into usingMWOSD. There is firmware specific to Pixhawk (PX4) and APM (MavLink).

MWOSD has much “cleaner” fonts and is more feature rich than the older ArduCam stuff… Another advantage is you don’t have to use Arduino to compile any code. Al you have to do is download and flash… I have it running on 2 minims, one MavLink, and 2 micro minimOSDs.

I think he is having saving issues. WYSI not what you get. :slight_smile: