Setting up 3DR radios independently with Arduino

Hi everyone,

I am working on a senior project in my university where I want to use a pair of 3DR Sik 915MHz radios to transmit data. I have the Mission Planner software installed on my computer. I have programmed each radio with the same net ID. However, the green lights on both radios remain flashing, which means that they are searching for another radio to connect to. They can’t seem to connect to each other.

For the transmitter, I have it hooked up to an Arduino Pro Micro’s RX and TX pins, and I can get it to transmit data. The red light on the transmitter radio flashes when I hook it up to the Arduino, which means that it is transmitting.
But both green lights on the transmitter and receiver remain flashing, so as a result I cannot read anything received packets.

In Mission Planner, in Sik Radio Configuration, I plug each radio in one at a time, and program each. The setting upload successfully. However, I noticed that only the local settings are available to change, so I just make sure the local settings for each radio match, specifically the net IDs. Are the remote settings also supposed to be available?

I do not have any other hardware besides the radios and the Arduino microcontrollers. From what I’ve been told, the radios can be configured to work with each other this way, without the usual autopilot hardware from ArduPilot.

Could someone point me in the right direction? I’m an electrical engineering major, and I’ve never worked with these equipment from the aeronautics department before. But this project is getting pretty cool.