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Setting tracker icon in MP map to a certain location

I have been testing the AT at my home in SITL without problem… the tracker icon appears at my home in the map of MP.

Last week, I wanted to test the AT at the field also in SITL, but I could not set the tracker icon to appear at the field where I was located. I tried right click at my field location in the map under “PLAN” in MP,
and select “Set home here”, but the tracker still refused to move from my home to the field. The tracker and the MP was linked up via telemetry radio, and GPS had 3D fix.

If the tracker icon on the map is very far away from where I am, when I simulate a vehicle to fly in my vicinity, the tracker may not move at all.

Appreciate help on the procedure to set the tracker icon to a certain location on the map of MP.

Thank you.

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