Setting parameters via a companion computer

Is it possible to set parameters in ArduCopter 3.3 from a companion computer?

If you’re talking via Mavlink and radio, the answer is yes.

I am trying to set the serial port baud rate for the telemetry 2 port from a companion computer (a beagle bone in my case). I am using the PARAM_SET mavlink message to accomplish this. My mavlink message takes the following values: target_system = 0, target_component = 0, param_value = 115200, param_id = SERIAL2_BAUD, param_type = 9 (float). According to the mavlink parameter protocol, the pixhawk is supposed to send a PARAM_VALUE message with the updated values as an acknowledgment. However, I don’t receive an acknowledgement from the pixhawk. Any thoughts?

If you’re setting the link speed from the radio on the port you’re using, you won’t be able to do it that way. Most other parameters can be set; even setting another serial port baud rate could be done. But if you’re trying to set the serial port rate on the port currently in use, it probably will not work.

Think of it this way: you’re sending a command to change the speed of the link you’re connected to, but you don’t actually change the speed of the connection. So it’s POSSIBLE you are changing the speed, but in order to check that you’ve actually done so, you’ll need to reconnect at the new speed. If you change speed, it accepts it, but you’re connected at the old speed, it’s likely you won’t get a response.