Setting param for Bicopter tilt rotors

I am building a Bicopter with tilt rotors, and am referring to Quadplane Setup and Operation in Wiki.
FC is Revo running Arduplane V4.2.3. I have enabled Q_TILT_ENABLE. Have following questions :–

Q_FRAME_CLASS I set it to 10 (Single/Dual). Is this correct for Bicopter ?

Q_FRAME_TYPE What value should I set for Bicopter ?

Q_TILT_TYPE , Q_TILT_MASK There are no such param in Arduplane V4.2.3. (3 is for Bicopter Q_TITL_TYPE as indicated in wiki Tilt-Rotors section under First Time Setup)

Tilt Servos – SERVOn_FUNCTION All options refer to Front or Rear for Quad. There is no option for Bicopter. What should I choose ?

Thank you for any help.