Setting of Radio and Servo problems

Hi ., friend
I’m new for QGC, My system is CUAV V5 Nano and my radio is skydroid t10 10 (channel) setting for Traditional Helicopter, but I can found only 8 channels how to setting to 10 channal please.
and I have problems with servo , I have 3 pitch control align DS820M servo in M1 M2 M3 and Throttle at M8 working fine , but rudder for M4 not working can anyone advice me to setting , advance thanks you please.
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Yesh , friend
I can configuration success , it was default parameter name “RCMAP_YAW” setting in QGC rudder to “3” or meant “M3” (and yes M3 is elevator servo was contaminated before corrected), I change to M4 my yaw servo working fine now.
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