Setting 2 motors to have the same throttle

I’m currently using ArduRover for my boat. We use two Hobbywing Pro X engines. In Manual Mode, two engines have the same throttle but when I used Acro mode to calibrate for Auto Mode, two engines didn’t seem to have the same throttle.
Any help to figure this out?
Thanks in advance

Set both outputs to the same value (like 70, for standard throttle).

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so what values should i put it? I cant find the variables responsible for that

Not hard to find:
Motor and servo config

are you wanting to use the motors for steering or just propulsion?

both steering and propulsion though

do they match in manual mode?

As i told you, in Manual, both propulsion is working perfectly. No jerky, but when i use Acro or Auto, they get jerky at the start

that is probably just poor tuning.

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