Set vehicle orientation in flight

Hey there,
I was wondering if there’s a way to command a quadcopter to orient its frame (including motor) in a certain way.
For example - I am hovering, i want my quad to stay at (-10) degrees pitch from horizon, no matter what the acceleration is.
It sounds a bit like Acro, but I wish I could do this automatically (and precisely).

Acro mode is rate controlled, not angle.
Stabilize mode is an angle mode. The stick position corresponds to an attitude angle.
If you set your copter to a certain pitch angle, it will accelerate until the air resistance and thrust equal out. Is that what you want?

I think the new guided mode can do that, and you control it using mavlink messages.

Well I simplified the scenario… there’s another variable to the air frame that will stop that acceleration you were talking about.
Anyways, yes - I just want to tell the vehicle to orient itself, and maintain that orientation no matter what.
I do have a ‘cyber pilot’ onboard, which I can write code to so it would orient the air-frame using Stabilize mode.
I’ll have a look on what @amilcarlucas suggested and if that doesn’t work out we’ll try the Stabilize mode.
Thanks guys!