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Set-position-target for Yaw, Yawrate in 3.5.3

Hello quick question,

just moved to 3.5.3 and saw that “1) Guided mode support yaw and yaw-rate fields from set-position-target message”

I have been using set position target for x,y,z and I am using set roi for the yaw. This worked for 3.5.2 but in 3.5.3 the vehicle yaw points towards the north.

According to this:

I am using the following bitmask 0b0000111111111000

Any recommendations?

Hi @kostkar,

So, what you are trying to do is set the (x, y, z) and (yaw, yaw_rate) of your drone using the SET_POSITION_TARGET_ command? :slight_smile:

I would think that the bitmask should be:


Hopefully he found a solution in the last 3 years :slight_smile:

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