Set parameter MAV_CTRL_MODE using pymavlink

I am using the following sentences with pymavlink to set control mode on a basecam gimbal controller parameter:

drone.mav.param_set_send(1, 254, b’G_MAV_CTRL_MODE’, 0,

drone.mav.param_set_send(1, 254, b’G_MAV_CTRL_MODE’,
2.802596928649634e-45, mavutil.mavlink.MAV_PARAM_TYPE_REAL32)

drone is the connection object, 1 is system id, 254 component id.
The command works once every 10 times i send it. If i change it trough mission planner it changes everytime without a prob. Wondering where i make a mistake.

@Michael_Oborne maybe you could help? MP looks like the only one that can set params on a component (basecam controller) each time without errors. How did you do that magic?? :slight_smile: