Set Mode button defaults to Stabilized (first option) when clicked

I wasn’t able to easily find where to report bugs with Mission Planner so here goes. A simple bug that can/has been problematic with less experienced pilots.

Mission Planner 1.3.63 and 1.3.70 (and potentially others): when the Set Mode drop-down is selected it selects the mode to the first option (Stabilized) by default. If another option is clicked it will be properly selected.
If the list is opened and an option is not clicked it will leave Stabilized as the mode.
If the desired flight mode (for example Land mode) is selected properly and the list is opened then de-selected (clicking away), the mode is incorrectly changed to stabilized.

Additionally, would it be possible to have a config for the modes listed in this drop down? I think it would be nice to thin the list of some less-used modes like heli_autorotate, SystemID, Guided_NoGPS etc.

OK, I added a PR to fix the dropdown reset hope it will be merged soon and make its way to the next beta.

The Set Mode list always contains all available modes for the given firmware (Copter, Plane, Rover etc…) if you don’t use some of them it does not mean that other will not need it. :slight_smile:

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It is merged, will be available in the next beta.

Thank you!.

I didn’t mean we should remove the modes, just a config for reducing the mode options might be nice.
Thanks again.