Set initial movement speed?


Where can I set the initial movement speed and cruise speed on the ardurover. When I turn on the electricity the motors run very fast.

If the motors start to run immediatly after connecting the battery, there is something wrong with your setup.

Please read:

completly and carefully

I’ll use an analogy for my guess. If you start your car with the accelerator pedal pushed to the floor what would happen?

I guess I was misunderstood. The car does not start when the battery is connected. How can I adjust the speed while controlling it with the remote? I want it to go slow even when I give high throttle from the remote.

Hi @ramada,

In Manual mode the pilot has full control of the throttle so the best you could do is one of these:

  • reduce the range of PWMs sent to the motors by increasing SERVOx_MIN and decreasing SERVOx_MAX (“x” is the number of the output connected to the motor)
  • reduce MOT_THR_MAX from 100 to something lower like 40

These will reduce the maximum speed for all control modes. It might be better to instead drive the vehicle manually in Acro mode which uses a speed controller. This may require a GPS and/or wheel encoders but then you can control what the max speed is at full input throttle by setting the SPEED_MAX parameter.

It was the way I wanted. thanks