Set Elevator max. from trigger to Takeoff complete in Auto mode

Hello Guys,

Please help me to show the correct way to set the Elevator to the maximum (LIM_PITCH_MAX) when in the AUTO mode triggered (started) and hold until completed the Takeoff.
When I set the Grad. of Takeoff to the value of LIM_PITCH_MAX in the Mission Planner, then the autopilot computer will increase the Elevator but very slowly, it needs about 15-20 seconds to reach the max. limit, in this case, the Takeoff LENGTH is extremely long.
I already checked the log files which show me, that my plane rich the stall speed limit in 1/3 length of the runway and was ready to fly. Also if I “help” with the RC then the plane immediately starts to climb.

Thank you for your help!

Sounds like you want to adjust TKOFF_LVL_PITCH and TKOFF_LVL_ALT. The idea is those will hold a lower pitch angle at first so the plane is up to speed before it climbs out at a higher angle.

Post a log with an auto take off and somebody can probably give you some more advice.