Set Cruise speed with transmitter

Quick question. Would it be possible to change the cruise_speed or waypoint speed with the RC transmitter.
My transmitter has a little “volume knob”. It would be great to be able to change the speed in automatic mode by just turning this little knob.

I’m using ardurover 4.0 on a pixhawk2.4.8


While this is possible with Arducopter as an In-flight tuning option Rover does not has this feature.

That’s too bad.
Would be a nice thing to have.

I’m not experienced enough with ardupilot yet.
But would there be a way to maybe script something/change te code on your own?

There are parameters in ardurover which can help you change the cruising speed and throttle. However you cannot set it to a knob and change from transmitter during auto missions.


Look in the rover documentations for more details on these parameters.

All the best
Shubham Thakur

Thanks shubham_thakur
I’m thinking about linking These 2 parameters to a set of my own added parameters.
Where i basically take the parameters out of arducopter, which enable the tuning with a knob, and add these to ardurover.

Not sure if this is possible. But I’ll give it a try

Do let us know of your findings.
All the best.

Shubham Thakur