Set camera mount to RETRACT or NEUTRAL during AUTO mission

Is there a way of controlling the camera mount during an Auto mission, so I can set it to look just straight forward?

I have a Pan/Tilt gimbal, and during the mission I need to inspect multiple ROIs. In between two ROIs though, it would be nice to set the camera back to a predefined forward looking position. As for now, when I reset the ROI setting all to zero, the camera remains at the same absolute angles until a new ROI is hit. I’d like to set it to Retract, or Neutral position.

The other option I see is using the DO_MOUNT_CONTROL. This though works in absolute angles, meaning that the yaw angle you set here is respect to North. I’d have to calculate the bearing and set it as yaw every time… I’m sure there must be another way.

Any thoughts?

A DO_SET_SERVO command ?