Hello all,
I want to set a defined attitude (roll and pitch mainly) in a fixed wing using a companion computer. Which modes allow this?

I have gotten set attitude to work in guided mode with dronekit.

hopes this helps

Hi Brian,
Thanks for the answer, in which version of arduplane? Wich flight mode do you use?
Thanks in advance

I was using arduplane 3.9
flight mode Guided

Dear @Brian_Duvall can you please send a piece of code to see how you control the planes attitude?

I actually stopped using the set attitude command but it can be found in the examples folder of dronekit called set attitude. Hope this helps. This worked for me when running plane in FBWA mode. Try it in the SITL

Ok thank you it worked!
If its not secret what are you using now to control plane attitude?

I am using the RC_OVERRIDE command if in manual mode. For auto modes I used a do set servo command.