Servos working, no throttle

I have a matek f405 in an AR wing. I can control the elevon servos from my radiomaster tx16s and the radio calibration functions properly. However under the servo output tab there is no response from the throttle. When I power on the model the motor beeps at a constant rhythm and does not stop beeping. The model arms successfully and the radio, esc, and motor all work - I have flown them without ardupilot. I am using a flysky fs-ia6b receiver on AETR mode. Here is the log. Any advice would be appreciated.

2020-06-16 13-58-25.log.param (20.1 KB)

Did you make an ESC calibration ?

Hi Sylvian, thanks for your suggestion. When calibrating the ESC I get “Set Param Error, make sure your version is AC3.3”. I am new to ardupilot, and just flashed the F-405-wing with the latest software. AC 3.3 is arducopter if I am not mistaken, but I am building a wing in arduplane.

You could calibrate without FC or by by-passing FC

Thanks to the wiki, it’s completely detailed here :