Servos going max throw in Manual with minimal input [SOLVED]

EDIT: NEVERMIND. Am idiot. Leaving post a lesson. Apparently the last radio calibration I did, I forgot to calibrate RC1/Aileron, so it was of course thinking it’s range was just a hair.

I am not seeing why since I hadn’t changed anything related, but now in Manual mode my ailerons go full max regardless of amount of stick input (tiny amount of right stick, they go full right, etc), and are also twitching with no input. My Elevator, Throttle, and a camera pan servo are all normal. They seem fine in Stabilize, but also seem twitchy and over sensitive with stick input in FBWA.

Log 1
Log 2

Marked as solved. Radio calibration was a pretty obvious first step. Glad you found it.

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Thanks Yuri, forgot to mark it. Admittedly I was at my wits end with some unrelated hardware issues and was surely rushing. You are right, radio calibration should have been my very first checkpoint. Cheers!