Servos don't work

This may sound silly, but I’m at a loss. Coming back to fpv since being away for a while and I’ve yet to finish setting up my frsky R9M module with R9M slim+ receiver through the matek f405 wing.
Everything so far is setup, but for the life of me I am unable to get any servos to function through the fc. I must be missing something. Everything is plugged into the fc were I had it working before, but since switching to the r9m, I haven’t been able to get them to work.
The servo output tab and the radio calibration tab both respond to the tx inputs.
Throttle works perfectly when I arm the plane, just no servo seem to work.
I plugged the servos directly to the rx, bypassing the fc and the servos work as they should.
Ailerons in S3 and S4. Elevators in S5 and S6
Any suggestions that could help?

Did you set the servo output functions to the appropriate settings?

The defaults won’t work for the f405 because the throttle is on 1 and 2.

Throttle I’ve set to output 1 and 2, ailerons on 3 and 4 and then vtail set on 5 and 6.

The Voltage on the servo line comes from a different BEC on the f-405 to everything else. Is that output working? Measure it with a multimeter anywhere on the Vx row of pins.

I measure the vx row on the servo rail and looks like no power is going to the servo rail.
Reading 0.3v

There is some solder bridges on the board to select the voltage but if you haven’t touched them then it should be 5V. If you’ve touched them then maybe look again and see if it’s a messy solder joint.

I found the problem. I checked the voltage on the servo rail when I unplugged everything and all way good. Servo rail was getting power, plugged the servos back in and the power went off.
Turns out that I just had a faulty servo phew
Thank for the help toy_pilot! Appreciate it

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No problem. Enjoy the flights!