Servos do not move

Had a plane with an mRo Pixhawk working prior on an earlier Arduplane release. I upgraded to Arduplane 3.8.5 now and set things up the same as before.

But I cannot get the servos to move.

In Mission Planner I see the RC channels in changing as per stick movements on the transmitter. I also see RC channels out changing.

I measured 5.1 volts on the servo rail (separate regulator), and the servos do their usual twitch on power-up. They just do not move after boot-up.

I disabled the safety button feature. I calibrated the compass, the power module is delivering battery voltage, the GPS fix is good, it has a good RC signal.

Am I missing something obvious?



Have you assign a function to the servo outputs ?

Ok, figured it out - I had the BRD_SAFETY_ENABLED feature activated. I deactivated it and the servos now behave normally.



Hello Paul,

I had the same issue with a Taranis plus and a X8R receiver in a Radian XL powered glider. Taking your clue I changed the brd safety to 0. That did not work. So I change the OVERRIDE_SAFETY to 0 as well and the servos worked before arming, the throttle did not. After arming the throttle and servos worked! Thanks much for the hint!



Hi Don,

I’m glad you got your system sorted. I haven’t done an ardupilot project in a few years now and when I do again I’ll bet I have the same problem before remembering the valuable little tricks.

Be well,