ServoOutput passthrough and Chanel matrix question

Hey Guys,
first I´d like to say HELLO! :wink: I´m Ben, nick EagleEi and few Years ago I spend a lot of time within APM-Tricoper, flyingwing, glider and several Quads and many projects based on Open-DIY too.

My last Copter is not up to date, but it is really working fine by an AUAV-X2 with a lot of nice components too. Actual I like to stick my new Sony RX-100 V on it together with the Seagull #rec to control it.
I need 4 Chanels for this tool (1.shutter, 2.Zoom, 3.few modi, 4.timelaps and on/off)
The AUAV-X2 has only 8x ServoOut, 1-4 =ESC, 5,6,7,8 I´d like to use for this seagull#rec.
My RC-Chanels 5,6, are in use for Flightmode and OSD, so I´d like to use my RC-Chanels 7,8,9,10 therfore I tried to use SERVO5_FUNCTION with 57 (if I´m right: RC7 in on ServoOut 5) but it doesn´t work.
I just have the Version 3.3.3 and I didn´t find the SERVOx_FUNCTION comand, but the RC05Function should be the same, isn´t it?
What do I do wrong? how I can config my rc7 to output 5, rc8 to output 6… do I need a new ardu version?

After updating to current stable Arducopter (why not?) let’s assume you want to use the 1st 4 AUX outputs as passsthrough for RCin 7-10

And so on.

hi dave, “why not updating?” … my copter is great and one point I learned really good, never change a running Copter! :slight_smile: …is it required? … ok than I have to.

Hey Ben- No, maybe not required but I don’t have anything close to that old (FEB16) running to confirm. As I recall there was a list of options for RCx_FUNCTION but other than chan-chan passthrough I don’t recall assignable RCin’s. Maybe they are there, don’t recall. Try RC7_FUNCTION as passthrough (whatever code that is) on Chan 7 servo output.

57 for sure will not work, that wasn’t even thought of at 3.3.3 I don’t think.

Hi Dave,
thank you for your support!
Now I will try to have a TestFlight based on 3.3.3 just with 3 Servo functions for test, If it works, I will go for the update. (and I hope that all my old stuff will work again!)