SERVO13/14 not working

Hello all,

I have tried numerous ways to make servo 13 and 14 work but forsome reason i failed to get any action from these two slots.

I can make servo9-12 work properly but not 13 and 14.

I cannot find anyother topic on this so if anyone has get these ports work i like to know how that happened.

I am using 3.5.5 on the copter and i have flashed it couple of times.

Need some help :slight_smile:

Has anyone ever make this SERVO 13 and 14 worked ? If so how.

I have the same Problem with SERVO13/14. Cube with Arducopter 3.6.7
I measured the servo outputs with an oscilloscope and there was no PWM signal. Zero Volt Level.
Can’t find any Solution…

you need to set BRD_PWM_COUNT, in this case to 6

BRD_PWM_COUNT to 6, RELAY_PIN and RELAY_PIN2 to -1 ? Works on the old Pixhawk.

Thanks guys! It works!