SERVO1_FUNCTION missing options

Hi, please help, I’m stuck.
I try to set the SERVO1_FUNCTION for 33 Motor1, but Motor1 is not an option. The list jups from 28 Gripper to 51 RCIN1.

Raspberry pi 4B, Emlid Navio2 and pwm to two thrusters that is to be used for thust and stearing.

I have tryed with fresh image on the Raspberry/Navio, new instalation of mission planner. If i load an old file, i’ll get it up, but as soon as i connect to the rover it has disapare. If i load the same file again it stil dossent show up without option 33, 34 and so on.

Full Paramter list - no Motor in SERVO1_FUNCTION-Option.param (15.0 KB)

Best regards!

Please read the documentation carefully:

If you want to use two thrusters for throttle and steering (skid steering setup), you need to set one output to throttle_left (73) and another output to throttle_right (74).

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Thank you, I’ll try that. But still, the motor as an option should not disappear… should it?


We do need Motor1 to 4 for Onmi frames, that was overlooked in the recent split of the descriptions.

If you do need them you can set in the full list (in MP anyway), or using MAVProxy.

But is sounds like your actually building a skid steering vehicle, in which case you should be using throttle left and right as Sebastian points out.

I have fixed the options,

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